23 03, 2014

Acupuncture MRI Shows Alzhemier’s Disease Benefit


MRI imaging reveals that acupuncture enhances brain activity in Alzheimer disease (AD) patients. Researchers investigated the effects of two important acupuncture points on the human brains of Alzheimer disease patients using fMRI imaging with a SIEMENS verio 3-Tesla scanner. The researchers discovered that acupuncture “can enhance the hippocampal connectivity in AD patients.” Acupoint Hegu (LI4) [...]

Acupuncture MRI Shows Alzhemier’s Disease Benefit2014-03-25T08:55:16+10:00
6 12, 2013

New MRI Study – Acupuncture Reduces Diarrhoea


A new MRI study demonstrates that acupuncture controls and reduces functional diarrhea and has mapped the brain centers involved in the clinical successes. A group of functional diarrhea (FD) patients were compared with a control group. MRI investigation revealed that acupuncture consistently affected specific brain centers in the FD group. The researchers concluded that “acupuncture [...]

New MRI Study – Acupuncture Reduces Diarrhoea2017-02-05T12:25:55+10:00