20 06, 2014

Acupuncture Heals Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Researchers conclude that acupuncture is effective for the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). A remarkable finding was made in this study. Acupuncture combined with interferential current therapy increased the success rate of acupuncture. The total effective rate of acupuncture as a standalone procedure was 80.0%. Adding interferential current therapy to the regime of care [...]

Acupuncture Heals Chronic Fatigue Syndrome2014-06-24T14:36:31+10:00
15 06, 2014

Electron Microscope Reveals Acupuncture Helps Alzheimer’s Patients


Electron microscopy reveals that acupuncture and moxibustion protect Alzheimer’s disease patients’ brain cells. Published in Neural Regeneration Research, laboratory experiment findings identified major brain structures that are preserved by using electroacupuncture and moxibustion. The research team documented a powerful neuroprotective effect induced by electroacupuncture including specific beneficial changes in brain chemistry. Acupuncture is the [...]

Electron Microscope Reveals Acupuncture Helps Alzheimer’s Patients2017-02-07T20:42:05+10:00
25 04, 2014

Pain Reduced By Acupuncture


A new breakthrough in medical science finds a special bodily chemical responsible for pain reduction that is activated by acupuncture. The new state-of-the-art German research is a major discovery on how acupuncture stops pain. The anti-pain chemical is a chemokine called CXCL10. Acupuncture stimulates its expression which, in turn, reduces pain and inflammation by activating [...]

Pain Reduced By Acupuncture2017-02-05T12:25:52+10:00
25 03, 2014

Acupuncture Treats Depression By Normalising Genes


Acupuncture alleviates depression by normalizing gene expression. A new laboratory investigation demonstrates that acupuncture benefits brain biochemistry and regulates gene expression related to depression. The researchers conclude that electroacupuncture treats “depression by modifying or regulating the expression of various genes.” Depicted is acupoint Yintang shown to help gene expression in depression. Acupuncture was applied to [...]

Acupuncture Treats Depression By Normalising Genes2017-02-05T12:25:53+10:00
10 03, 2014

Acupuncture For Heart Failure Recovery


Acupuncture improves the functional and physical health of the heart in cases of chronic heart failure (CHF). Research published in the American Journal of Physiology, Heart and Circulatory Physiology demonstrates several major clinical benefits provided by acupuncture in cases of CHF. One of the most important discoveries is that acupuncture reduces the physical size of [...]

Acupuncture For Heart Failure Recovery2014-03-12T08:43:20+10:00
27 02, 2014

Acupuncture Lowers Hypertension


Newly published research confirms that acupuncture reduces hypertension, high blood pressure. Researchers now know that acupuncture is effective for lowering blood pressure and reduces side effects of medication. Real acupuncture was found more effective than both a non-acupuncture control and a sham acupuncture control in this new laboratory experiment. As a result of this controlled [...]

Acupuncture Lowers Hypertension2017-02-05T12:25:55+10:00
31 10, 2013

Electro-acupuncture As Effective As Drugs For Depression


Effects of electroacupuncture on depression and the production of glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor compared with fluoxetine: a randomized controlled pilot study. Sun H, Zhao H, Ma C, Bao F, Zhang J, Wang DH, Zhang YX, He W. Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Peking Union Medical College Hospital , Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and [...]

Electro-acupuncture As Effective As Drugs For Depression2014-03-21T12:00:40+10:00